My Girls – Perth child Photographer

More often than not, when I try to take photos of my own kids, they run a mile. They’re a bit sick of me taking photos of them and have perfected the eye roll and overly cheesy grin or face pull when I bring the camera out! In a lot of ways its easier to take photos of other people’s children!

But I really wanted some up to date photos of them, for this year’s Christmas Card, and for a record of this time in their life. So I sold it to them as a “proper session” – a concept shoot with props and a theme – and the promise of huge lollipops at the end!! (Let’s be honest, that’s what swayed them!!) I took them to a favourite new spot, directed them like they were “clients”, and got to try out a few new ideas I had brewing. Its nice to take the opportunity to take photos just for me for a change! Amazingly, it worked a treat – the girls were so good and followed instructions without whinging or complaint – and they were pretty happy when they got their lollipops at the end ?

Quite a few of these will be hanging on my walls very soon (and perhaps framed and wrapped under the grandparents’ Christmas trees!)

(and I might need a reminder that they are capable of being incredibly sweet with each other next time they’re fighting!)